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BiotechDNA banner International Research Center Launches Biotech Domain Name Auction
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International Research Center Launches Biotech Domain Name Auction

PHOENIX (October 1, 2001) 2001 International Research Center has launched the Great Millennium Biotech Domain Name Auction bringing an essential and exceptional collection of core domain names to market. The limited run auction offers 174 biotechnology-oriented domain names organized into 60 related groups covering the full breadth of the biotech, medical, and genetic landscapes. Most lots include sets of multiple related domain names offering added strategic identity, branding, and intellectual property protection potential. The auction will unfold online through December 14 at

Generative domain names such as,,, and remain short and generic indicating a relation to genetic interests without specificity. A number of lots include some two-dozen variants related to the mapping of the human genome sequence such as,,,,, and Other names may appear more humorous as they play on the themes and memes of our contemporary genetic fixations including,,,,,, and among others.

Mark Goldstein, President of International Research Center said, "Now that the human genome sequence has been mapped, development of genetic therapies and cloning have begun in earnest, nanotechnology is becoming practical, and the world will never be the same. Those looking to stake their claim on the Internet for the exciting times ahead have undoubtedly found few names if any still available. Even though new domain extensions will be opening up, dot com names will remain the most obvious, the most commonly recognized, and like real estate, they're just not making any more."

Other names available in this auction further chart the biotech space such as,,,,,, and Treatment resources can find a cyber-home at,,,,,,,, and

And anticipating the fusion of neural and biologic materials and organizational design to computer technology, names such as,,,,,, and are also included.

Those interested in details about all the names and lots being offered may view the Auction Lots page online at or download the full auction brochure as a PDF file including the striking cover art by Vertigo Interactive ( directly from the auction site at

About International Research Center:
International Research Center (IRC - is an Arizona-based consulting and contract research service provider harnessing global information resources for informed decision making. IRC provides custom research and strategic support for business, legal, and public policy clients in a variety of high-technology disciplines and arenas, concentrating on telecommunications, information technology, eContent and the Internet. For further information, contact Mark Goldstein at 602-470-0389 or