International Research Center presents The Great Millennium Biotech Domain Name Auction
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About the Great Millenium Biotech Domain Name Auction

Limited Run Auction - October 1 - December 14, 2001 - Don't Miss It!

The Great Millennium Biotech Domain Name Auction is over, but the remaining lots available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing a lot, please contact us by e-mail

The human genome sequence has been mapped, genetic therapies and cloning have begun in earnest, nanotechnology is becoming practical, and the world will never be the same. It's truly the dawn of the Biotech Century laid out before us. Are you ready to stake your claim on the Internet for the exciting times ahead?

New domain extensions will come (and go) but dot com names will rule forever. They're the most obvious, the most commonly recognized, and like real estate, they're just not making any more! Have you looked and found no good names left for your enterprise and initiatives in the dot com space? Don't settle for the leftovers. Here's a great collection of over 170 biotechnology oriented domain names (mostly dot coms) organized into related groups covering the full breadth of the biotech, medical, and genetic landscape. Our multiple domain name lots offer additional strategic identity, branding and intellectual property protection potential.

Get some good ones now from this unique auction offering to secure your place in cyberspace. Get 'em before they're gone forever! Auction ends December 14, 2001 (though individual lots may stay open longer depending on bidding activity - See the Terms of Use. So, here they are in all their glory (and mirth). Sixty auction lots of premier generic biotech-related domain names. Watch the auction unfold on our web site all fall. The great millennium Biotech Domain Name Auction has begun. Go get 'em! See the auction lots.

For other available domain names covering the telecommunications, technology, e-business, and popular culture spaces please visit International Reseach Center's Internet Domain Names For Sale.


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October 5, 2001:
International Research Center Domain Name Auction Includes Nanotech-related Holdings

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International Research Center Launches Biotech Domain Name Auction

May 11, 2001: The Business Journal Phoenix:
Tech Consultant Snaps Up New Domains for Auction