International Research Center presents The Great Millennium Biotech Domain Name Auction
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The Auction Lots

Limited Run Auction - October 1 - December 14, 2001 - Don't Miss It!

The auction is over, but we still have remaining lots available. If you are interested in purchasing a lot, please contact us by e-mail

Lot Number Price Domain Names
Included in Lot
Domain Names Notes
1 $8,000
Short and targeted generic genetic dot com name. Briefer is better. Here you go.
2 $4,000
What's hot? What's not? What's next? Are you ready? Get your post position here!
3 $4,000
And be sure to lock in the future here! Name it to own it. The future can be yours.
4 $3,000
You can lock in your future here as well! Buy both lots (3 & 4) and own the future.
5 $5,000
The sequencing is done. We've finally broken the code. Now show it off to the world.
6 $5,000
What's the code? Show them here! Coming to a web site near you!
7 $5,000
The great medical and biotech project of the new millennium can find a home here.
8 $10,000
Meet the need for genetic maps and resources with these five foremost related variants. You can't tell the way without a guide. Lead the way with these names.
9 $8,000
You'll be all over the human genome map with these four top related variants. Offer the public guidance, resources, links and B2C from here.
10 $6,000
Human DNA sequences have been mapped. Show people how it all fits together here.
11 $3,000
Additional coverage of the advances in therapy driven by genetic discoveries. Give it a home here.
12 $3,000
From research comes new applications. Cover the advances in therapy driven by the great new genetic discoveries.
13 $2,000
Can we fix it? We're figuring it out now. Coming real soon! Name it to own it.
14 $3,000
An exhibition, a portal, a company, a technology? Make it what you will.
15 $2,000 Good generic generative genetic domain name.
16 $2,000 Magic genie at your genetic service. 3 wishes?
17 $10,000
Includes a dozen variants of short names based on the themes and memes of gene / geno / genics / Gen-x Gen-x is coming your way. Catch the converging trends in this name space. Surf the age wave from here. Prime dot com real estate for the genetic revolution at hand!
18 $6,000
Includes a half dozen variants on the themes and memes of genetics and genesis. Renew and revamp your genetic initiatives here.
19 $5,000
You say you want a revolution! Get the names you need for the breakthroughs on the frontiers of genetic science & medicine.
20 $8,000
The revolution will not be televised, but it will be on the Internet! Get the names you need to present breakthroughs on the frontiers of biotech science and medicine.
21 $3,000
Next generation genetics here. Always a next generation in the wings. Or will we grow our own wings?
22 $2,000 If you build it
23 $3,000
Genetics are truly the splice of life. Serve up your genetic applications here.
24 $2,000
What's my line?
25 $2,000
The clones are coming. Watch out! Get ready for the coming clone wars. Come on. Bring 'em on!
26 $2,000
Talkin' 'bout my generation.
27 $3,000
Gen-X and Gen-Y are growing up. Meet them online at their gene portal. Surf's up. Everyone into the gene pool!
28 $2,000
Nature or nurture? For many attributes of well-being and medical conditions, it's in your genes. Do you feel lucky? Then join the club!
29 $2,000
Without these names, you haven't got a prayer. Suit yourself.
30 $3,000
Organize behind the movement to preserve global biodiversity. Cultivate your future. It's hot! It's now! Save the planet!
31 $2,000
Be ready for the ultimate convergence of biology and technology with this lot.
32 $1,000 Micro Electronic Machine Systems (MEMS) will rule our coming nano world. Cover the bio-MEMS space with this name.
33 $1,000 Beyond the Microchip comes the Nanotechchip. Name it to own it.
34 $2,000
Neurological elements merged with electronics and silicon - the final fusion! Dot com. Dot net. Dot dot dot.
35 $2,000
Computer networks adopt neural models. Or have they already?
36 $2,000
Advanced computing on a cellular level is coming on fast. Be there before the crowd.
37 $2,000
Wetware for the ultimate in computing.
38 $5,000
Bots are hot. Be ready to send in the bots! Multiple variants in the genetic bot arena available here. Get 'em while they're bot!
39 $2,000
Immunology on the go with bots on bio-patrol. Send out your scouts from here.
40 $3,000
Biotech will deliver many new and exciting treatment modalities. Here's the names you need to offer them up.
41 SOLD!
Diagnostic tests & procedures based on advances in genetic science may be found here.
42 $3,000
People concerned with their health issues search by symptoms. Give them a place to find relevant information, resources and B2C.
43 $3,000
Good for what ails you.
44 $5,000
Cover the consumer medical therapeutic space from this array of eight top related domain names. Good to go.
45 $1,000 But the genes have to want to change.
46 $1,000 Repair the damage. Improve the species.
47 $1,000 In the valley of the giant Ho Ho Ho
48 $2,000
Molecules sure get a lot of attention for something so tiny. Let's get small!
49 $3,000
The relentless progress in science will continue to drive advances in medicine.
50 $3,000
We're not getting any younger. And neither are our customers. Catch 'em here!
51 $3,000
And on the eighth day
52 $3,000
It's a brave new world of biotech research, solutions, markets and opportunities. Give it a home here.
53 $3,000
What field are you in? Brave new bioneers will flock here to roost. Name it to own it.
54 $2,000
Is there a doctor in the house? Good home for genetic knowledge and treatments.
55 $3,000
It's a new world of genetic knowledge, applications and hope. Give it a home at WorldGenics.
56 $3,000
Genetic applications will be the new shot heard round the world. Cover the whole wide world with these names.
57 $2,000
A rose is a rose is whatever you need it to be. Transform through genetics.
58 $2,000
What are your favorite elements? Bet carbon's in your top five. Be green with carbon factor domain names or be green with envy. Get 'em here.
59 $2,000
Beware. Danger is afoot! Biotech needs a home to track the hazards. Here it is!
60 $3,000
Medicine has always dreamed of treating causes rather than symptoms. Medicine of the 21st Century will realize those dreams. Make it so. Make the dream real here.