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Multitenant Building Telecommunications Access Study
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Arizona Organizational Resources

Appendix 1: National Organizational Resources

Regulatory Agencies, Legislative Bodies, and Related Organizations

Regional Government-Related Organizations

Center for Technology in Government -
University at Albany, 1535 Western Ave., Albany, NY 12203, (518) 442-3892, Fax: (518) 442-3886. CTG is an applied research center devoted to improving government and public services through policy, management, and technology innovation.

The Council of State Governments (CSG) -
2760 Research Park Dr., PO Box 11910, Lexington, KY 40578-1910, (606) 244-8000, Fax: (606) 244-8001. CSG helps states increase efficiency by identifying the best new and creative approaches to significant state problems, provides information products with useful and practical policy solutions and leadership training to help state officials enhance their skills in managing strategic change, and draws upon experts in the states marshalling them as consultants to help other states in need of services.
International City/County Management Association (ICMA) -
777 North Capitol St. NE, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20002-4201, Main: (202) 289-4262, Order Processing Center: (800) 745-8780, Fax: (202) 962-3500. ICMA is the professional and educational association for appointed administrators and assistant administrators serving cities, counties, other local governments, and regional entities around the world.
Local Government Institute (LGI) -
4009 Bridgeport Way West, Suite E, Tacoma, WA 98466-4326, (800) 277-6253, Fax: (253) 565-2575. LGI provides technical assistance to local governments, develops "how-to" and reference manuals and software, and provides services, information and advocacy which advances the quality, integrity and professionalism of local government based upon sound principles of public administration. Limited telecommunications content.
Municipal Code Corporation (MCC) -
PO Box 2235,Tallahassee, FL 32316-2235, (904) 576-3171, Fax: (904) 575-8852. Members have access to databases of local ordinances. MCC also contracts with municipalities to author codes and ordinances.

The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) -
750 First St. NE, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20002, (202) 326-6000, Fax: (202) 408-7014. NAAG fosters an environment of cooperative leadership, helping Attorneys General respond effectively, individually, and collectively to emerging state and federal issues.
National Association of Counties (NACo) -
440 First Street, NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20001, (202) 393-6226, Fax: (202) 393-2630. NACo is the national voice for America's county governments with a membership that includes approximately two-thirds of the country's 3,072 county governments. Advocacy and resources for county governments.
National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) -
1700 K St. NW, Suite 1300, Washington, DC 20006, (202) 457-0710. NARC is a nonprofit, membership organization serving the interests of regional councils.
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) -
1101 Vermont Ave. NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005, (202) 898-2200, Fax: (202) 898-2213. NARUC is a national association composed of governmental agencies of the fifty States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands engaged in the regulation of utilities and carriers.
National Regulatory Research Institute (NRRI) -
1080 Carmack Road, Columbus, Ohio 43210, (614) 292-9404, Fax: (614) 292-7196. NRRI is the official research arm of NARUC ( and provides research and assistance designed to help public utility commissions accomplish their missions. Established by NARUC in 1976, the NRRI is a department of the College of Engineering at Ohio State University.
National Association of State Development Agencies (NASDA) -
750 First St. NE, Suite 710, Washington, DC 20002, (202) 898-1302, Fax: (202) 898-1312. NASDA provides a forum for directors of state economic development agencies to exchange information, compare programs, and establish an organizational base from which to approach the federal government concerning issues of mutual interest.

National Association of State Information Resource Executives (NASIRE) -
167 West Main St., Suite 600, Lexington, KY 40507-1324, (606) 231-1971, Fax: (606) 231-1928. NASIRE represents state chief information officers and information resource executives and managers from the U. S. states and territories. Members are senior officials from any of the three branches of state government who have executive-level and statewide responsibility for information resource management.
National Association of State Telecommunications Directors (NASTD) -
PO Box 11910, 2760 Research Park Dr., Lexington, KY 40578-1910, (606) 244-8186, Fax: (606) 244-8015. NASTD is a member-driven organization whose purpose is to advance and promote the effective use of telecommunications technology and services to improve the operation of state government. State members are responsible for the provision and management of state government communications facilities and systems for state agencies and other public entities and may also play a strategic role in planning and shaping their states' telecommunications infrastructures and policies. Corporate members represent companies that provide telecommunications technology, services and equipment to state government.
National Association of Telecom Officers and Advisors (NATOA) -
1595 Spring Hill Road, Suite 330, Tysons Corner, Vienna, VA 22182, (703) 506-3275, Fax: (703) 506-3266. NATOA represents cable television franchise authorities on matters of federal regulation of cable television and wireless tower placement issues. Their chapters form the foundation of the national organization.
The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws -
211 E. Ontario St., Suite 1300, Chicago, Illinois 60611, (312) 915-0195. NCCUSL is comprised of more than 300 lawyers, judges, and law professors, appointed by the states as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, to draft proposals for uniform and model laws and work toward their enactment in legislatures. Drafts of Uniform and Model Acts are available at

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) -
444 North Capitol St. NW, Suite 515, Washington, DC 20001, (202) 624-5400, Fax: (202) 737-1069. NCSL is a membership organization for State lawmakers and legislative staffers providing comprehensive information, research on critical state issues, informative publications, provocative meetings and seminars, an unparalleled legislative information database, a voice in Washington D.C., and an expert staff to assist legislators and staff in solving difficult problems.
National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) -
99 Canal Center Plaza, Alexandria, VA 22314, (703) 549-9222, Fax: (703) 836-3195, NDAA influences public policy affecting the safety of America's communities by advocating prosecutorial views through contacts with the White House, Congress, U.S. Department of Justice and other government agencies. NDAA offers local prosecutors the opportunity to network with fellow prosecutors throughout the nation to enhance their knowledge, skills and influence.
National Governors' Association (NGA) -
Hall of States, 444 North Capitol St., Washington, DC 20001-1512, (202) 624-5300. Through NGA, the nation's Governors identify priority issues and deal collectively with issues of public policy and governance at both the national and state levels. Their mission is to provide a forum for Governors to exchange views and experiences among themselves; assistance in solving state focused problems; information on state innovations and practices; and a bipartisan forum for Governors to establish, influence, and implement policy on national issues.
National League of Cities (NLC) -
1301 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20004-1763, (202) 626-3000, Fax: (202) 626-3043. NLC is a membership organization of general-purpose local governments including more than 1,500 member cities. NLC is dedicated to advancing the public interest, building democracy and community, and improving the quality of life by strengthening the performance and capabilities of local governments and advocating the interests of local communities.
Public Technology, Inc. (PTI) -
1301 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20004, (202) 626-2400, Toll-Free: (800) 852-4934, Fax: (202) 626-2498. PTI is the non-profit technology R&D organization of the National League of Cities (NLC), the National Association of Counties (NACo), and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). PTI's mission is to bring technology to local and state governments through the collective R&D work of its membership and task forces.
The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) -
1620 Eye St. NW, Washington, DC 20006, (202) 293-7330, Fax: (202) 293-2352. The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) is the official nonpartisan organization of the about 1,100 U.S. cities with populations of 30,000 or more, represented by its chief elected official, the mayor.
Urban & Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) -
1460 Renaissance Dr., #305, Park Ridge, IL 60068, (847) 824-6300, Fax: (847) 824-6363. URISA is an educational association of information technology professionals with specific emphasis on applications in state and local government; and the premier organization for the use and integration of spatial information technology to improve the quality of life in urban and regional environments.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce -
1615 H St. NW, Washington DC 20062, (202) 659-3190, Fax: (202) 463-3190. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world's largest business federation, representing nearly three million companies, 3,000 state and local chambers, 850 business associations and 87 American Chambers of Commerce abroad.

Additional State Research Resources

Full-Text State Statutes & Legislation Online -

State and Local Government on the Net (Piper Resources) -

CCH Incorporated / TRI -

Federal Government-Related Organizations

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) -
445 12th St. SW, Washington, DC 20554, (202) 418-0190. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent United States government agency, directly responsible to Congress. The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. The FCC's jurisdiction covers the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. possessions.
National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) -
80 South Jefferson Rd., Whippany, NJ 07981, (800) 228-8597. NECA was formed in 1983 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a not-for-profit membership corporation to administer the FCC's access charge plan, ensuring that telephone service remains available and affordable in all parts of the country. NECA, directly and through its subsidiaries, also administers a number of other significant federal and state programs, each designed to keep the United States telecommunications system the most widely used in the world.
Federal Communications Bar Association (FCBA) -
1020 19th St. NW, Suite 325, Washington, DC 20036-6101, (202) 293-4000, Fax: (202) 293-4317. FCBA is an organization of attorneys and other professionals, including engineers, consultants, economists and government officials, involved in the development, interpretation and practice of communications law and policy.

Federal Communications Law Journal (Indiana University & The Federal Communications Bar Association) - or

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) -
NARUC is a national association composed of governmental agencies of the fifty States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands engaged in the regulation of utilities and carriers. See expanded resource listing above in section on Regional Government-Related Organizations.
American Telecommunications Law Association (ATLAS) -
ATLAS devotes itself to increasing awareness of communications law issues and strengthening the Washington College of Law's program of studies in this important area of administrative law.

Other Federal Government Resources

FedWorld U.S. Government Information Index -

GOVBOT Database of Government Web Sites (Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval) -

Google Uncle Sam Search Engine -

Webforia's Federal Resources for Business -

Thomas (U.S. Congress on the Internet) -
Library of Congress legislative information provides access to legislation, House and Senate directories, committee information, and the Congressional Record.
U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Judiciary
National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) -
U.S. Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20230, (202) 482-7002. NTIA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is the Executive Branch's principal voice on domestic and international telecommunications and information technology issues. NTIA works to spur innovation, encourage competition, help create jobs, and provide consumers with more choices and better quality telecommunications products and services at lower prices.
U.S. National Information Infrastructure (NII) Virtual Library -
The NII Virtual Library is co-sponsored by the President's Information Infrastructure Task Force ( and the Council on Competitiveness ( The web site is developed and maintained by the Information Technology Laboratory ( of the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( The NII Virtual Library is the home of the U.S. component of the Global Inventory Project (GIP - and the home of the international registry for the G7 Global Marketplace Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Testbeds (

The President's Information Infrastructure Task Force (IITF) -
The White House formed the Information Infrastructure Task Force (IITF) to articulate and implement the Administration's vision for the National Information Infrastructure (NII). The task force consists of high-level representatives of the Federal agencies that play a major role in the development and application of information and telecommunications technologies.
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) -
600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20580, General Information: (202) 326-2222, Personnel Locator for Individual Employees: (202) 326-2000, Consumer Response Center: (877) 382-4357. The FTC enforces a variety of federal antitrust and consumer protection laws while seeking to ensure that the nation's markets function competitively, vigorously, efficiently, and free of undue restrictions.
Government Services Agency (GSA) -
Internet 2 Project (Next Generation Internet) -

Additional Internet Resources on the Internet

Internet Society (ISOC - Internet Standards & Evolution) -
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) -
Network Solutions Inc. (NSI formerly InterNIC) -
(Primary domain name registrar and database manager for .com, .net , .org, and .edu extensions)
Hobbes' Internet Timeline - (information about the Internet) -

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) -
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) -
U.S. Department of Commerce's Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) -
U.S. Library of Congress' Copyright Office -

Internet Survey and Market Research Sources

Cyberatlas ( -
Internet statistics and market research for web marketers.

eMarketer -
The Internet Economy Indicators Report -

Jupiter Communications -
Research in consumer and industry Internet trends for businesses online.
Media Metrix -
Internet and digital media measurement service provides monthly ranking of the top-trafficked sites.

Nielsen//NetRatings -
Weekly and monthly "Hot Off the Net" ratings and newsletter.

NUA Internet Surveys -
Internet usage statistics including market sectors, demographics and financial information.

New Economy Documents and Sources

Arizona Policy Choices - The New Economy: A Guide for Arizona by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at ASU, October 1999 -

The New Economy: Policy Choices for Arizona by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at ASU, January 2000 -

America's High-Tech Economy: Growth, Development, and Risks for Metropolitan Areas, by Ross DeVol, Perry Wong, John Catapano, and Greg Robitshek, The Milken Institute, July 13, 1999 -

The Cluetrain Manifesto - - 95 Theses on markets and the New Economy

Technology and New Economy Project from The Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) -
University of California E-conomy Project -
US Department of Commerce (DOC) Electronic Commerce Page -
National Governors' Association (NGA) -

Multitenant Building Telecommunications Access Study
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Arizona Organizational Resources

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